On The Road Again

Thats right,what? did you think that all I do is sit around all day pontificating,and postulating about stuff? I’m in Wisconsin,with the traveling tool show.Its fun and games for about twelve hours a day. Its a new position for me,sort-of,I drive an 18 wheeler like before,but i work indoors all day trying to help people find the right “tools” for the jobs that they do. It works for me,I like to talk to people(duh) heck,I’ll sit here and talk to nobody,there’s nobody out there right? I can hear you yawning…anyway,I’m glad to be gainfully employed again,even if it means being away from my chickens,and my family…for a while.They say familiarity breeds contempt,I suppose thats true.but absence makes the heart grow fonder! So, I’m working with people,trying to help them find the tools they need. I could make certain comparisons which would perhaps seem presumptuous like this is what I’ve been doing anyway. After some careful consideration I realized that what I do is kind of like my daughter Boni,who when we’re working around the yard will always want to help us,but being 4 years old,can’t do too much. We let her gather sticks though,and place them in a pile.and any other small job she can handle. It makes her feel good and she seems to enjoy it.Thats kind-of how I see myself,I try to help people,but theres only so much I can do.It makes me feel good,and I feel as if I’m contributing in some way.My father God lets me do that,Im not so self-involved that I can’t see that. Maybe the important thing is that I’m here,and I’m willing to try my best, I can plant a seed even if I lack the maturity to nurture it into fruition.These are my thoughts for today,can you relate at all? Have you been given a job to do? Showing up is at least 85 percent of it. Mostly I just wanted to post here to let anyone who might be looking for me where I’m at,no messenger here in this motel lobby terminal. I should go now,take a minute or two each day and look around you and smile,and say to yourself,”Gods here”


By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

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