It’s Only Money!

For anything of real value in this world there’s always a counterfeit. Something that has the appearance of the genuine article but is actually nothing but a cheap imitation. It may look, smell or even provide us with comparable performance in the short term but that’s usually where the similarities end.

Money is kind of like that, many people often mistake it for love or happiness…

Can you imagine anyone purposely choosing a fake Rolex watch over a real one or a Cubic Zirconia over a real diamond?  You might be unaware of it but most if not all of us do something very similar to that on a daily basis!  It’s evident in some very significant aspects of our lives, from the way we treat each other on a personal level to the corporate structures we patronize. When we purchase food’s that have been commercially processed by large corporations we become part of an industry that has little or no respect for life, certainly not for the lives of the animals they inhumanely raise and slaughter or for the lives of the workers they hire for sub-standard wages to work in dangerous pesticide saturated environments and who not surprisingly also have no respect for us either! Is life sacred to you? From my perspective that’s a simple yes or no question, and if the answer is yes then the truth of that belief should extend to all life regardless of whether it’s born or unborn or walks on two feet or twenty!

Instead of approaching peoples health from a holistic perspective that takes into account the root sources of our maladies which are physical, spiritual and nutritional, we’re a nation of people who’d rather choose a pill that only masks the problem by eliminating  symptoms to some degree. We’re willing participants in a system that disrespects us by seeing our health as a business with profit as the real objective. We’d rather pay the sometimes exorbitant monetary cost and expose ourselves to the possible side effects than do the real thing which no doubt would include us making some of the different food choices and lifestyle changes as well.

Nope, hunt-uh, no thanks!

As I thought about all of this I really struggled to understand why people,myself included, seem to be more comfortable with fake than they are with real…and this is what occurred to me. Maybe it’s because before we’d be comfortable with real,which is respectful, caring and is based in ethics we’d have to insist on those same qualities in ourselves…We’d need to have a healthy self respect that wouldn’t allow us to be a part of such a thing, or consider doing the unthinkable…caring about others more than ourselves! Give us just one reason to choose something less and we’ll swoop down on it like no tomorrow which is smack dab on the doorstep of where this sort of unsustainable thinking has landed us.

We’ve chosen what we think makes economic sense, and on both a corporate and personal level we’ve gone with what will make us the biggest profit or save us the most money with not much thought being given to the long term consequences.

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

I’m certainly not against people making a living and based on Paul’s writing in the above verse I don’t think he was either. It’s placing money or the power it conveys above people, to love it, which is merely a representation of value more than we do others is to sow seeds of sadness into our own lives. What we’ve failed to understand is that it is truly “Only Money” and that someday, maybe even today, we’ll live a life that reflects our accountability for the choices we’ve made.


Sick and Tired…

There are always good and bad examples within any industry or profession and here in America our health care system is certainly no exception. However I don’t think it would be unfair, or an overstatement to say that the business of health care in this country has gone way beyond that! At the onset I want to make it clear that I have the utmost respect for the many people of integrity who work in the medical field and who’s passion it is to ease human suffering. Having said that, my intent here is to heap scorn onto the purveyors of what I see as being the primarily profit motivated, patient abusing quackery so sadly common in this country.

But first, who am I and what are my qualifications, what makes me think I could possibly have anything relevant to say on this topic? My answer is that that is exactly the perspective held by too many people both in and out of the health profession, that we’re too dumb to have a valid opinion about our own health or understand there’s something wrong when a listing of the side effects following a drug ad takes 20-30 seconds to recite. I’m sorry but it’s just hard for me to place a lot of trust in an industry that based on the frequency of it’s malpractice supports an army of lawyers or that can’t seem to make up their mind about something as simple as an egg! One thing’s for sure, our ill’s aren’t the result of a lack of drugs in our bodies…so how can they cure anything?

The list of things that science has gotten wrong throughout history is a long one. The world wasn’t flat, the practice of bleeding people doesn’t cure or help anyone, and so, we need to remind ourselves that there’s no doubt we’ve still got a few things wrong today!  In another hundred years will they look back at how we currently treat people with mental illness and wince at our crude methods? What about cancer, is it the best we can do to poison ourselves with chemotherapy and hope that it kills the renegade cells before it kills us? And yet some who work in the healing arts have the audacity to be offended when we question whether a prescribed therapy is right for us, seek out a second opinion, or opt for an alternative treatment. It’s not the unavoidable ignorance of medical treatment that bothers me the most it’s the eye’s wide open snake oil peddlers who profit from peoples misery I’m against.

However unlikely the realization of it may seem I believe that the American people must take back responsibility for their health from the existing medical establishment. It’s not really the insurmountable task that some might think, many people live long and very healthy lives by following simple principles of balance such as work eight hours, sleep eight and spend the other eight doing something you enjoy! Also why not give our overworked digestive systems a break and cut back on the amount of red meat we consume, I suspect that many peoples lack of energy is in part due to the constant demands placed on our blood supply to digest this habitual over consumption. If we could stop eating anything that’s been bleached, overly processed, that contains high fructose corn syrup or comes from a drive through window I believe our collective health would improve so much that it would put big pharma and big agra out of business!

Yes, I’m sick…

Sick of the way people in this country have been brainwashed into self destructing…

And I’m tired of pretending that somehow everything is going to be “okay”…

Next post…It’s Only Money!



As  I was considering prospective titles for this post it occurred to me that all of the idea’s I had were little more than just tired cliche’s.  Then, upon further reflection I realized how many of my other titles were also cliche’s!

(note to self: Try to be more creative/interesting)

What makes this post different is that this time I’m intentionally writing about cliche’s so therefore I’ve concluded that the only logical title is well, cliche…

Since I’m being predictable,  I might as well start out with a proper definition of said title.


–noun1.a trite, stereotyped expression; a sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse, as sadder but wiser, or strong as an ox.

Ouch, that hurts! Especially that first word “trite” which seems to me to indicate something unimportant. Isn’t it enough to be boorish, must I be insignificant as well? ~sigh~

For all of you newcomers, this is the part of the blog where I turn off of the main highway and steer you back along the small meandering pathway that eventually leads to the “profound” point I’m trying to make. And as is the case in both roads and reasoning, the more untraveled either of them are the more likely it is that you’ll find a few pot-hole’s in them. So try to insulate yourself from any hard or unyielding surfaces or belief systems you might be injured by and read on!

Why do so many  anointed men of God seem to do a wipe out at some point in their life?

How many can you think of ? Of course most of us have either read or heard the story of King David, and of course there’s Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker as well! Here’s a few more that you may not be familiar with that I found interesting, people like  Alexander Dowie or maybe Finis Jennings Dake.  All of these men were used mightily by God and had incredible ministries only to fall prey to temptation and various publicly observed sins. It’s happened so much that it’s a cliche’, man seeks God, God finds man, Gods Spirit empowers man, he get’s a big head,  takes advantage and starts believing in his own abilities granting himself certain “indulgences”. It was pride that got Adam, apparently not much has changed in that pride still comes before the fall!

Solomon had this to say…

Ecclesiastes 8:14

There is a vanity which is done upon the earth; that there be just men, unto whom it happeneth according to the work of the wicked; again, there be wicked men, to whom it happeneth according to the work of the righteous: I said that this also is vanity.

If you’re trying to figure out who’s good and who’s not based on the circumstances of this world you may find them in it probably won’t make good sense! Perhaps That is the real vanity!

The great apostle Paul had a lot to say about mans weaknesses, and God’s strength,

2 Corinthians 4:7

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

I’ve been told by people that they don’t believe in using doctor’s or medicines because they feel it makes a mockery of the atonement of Jesus. That it basically amounts to idolatry because it’s putting those things in place of the healing that Jesus’ victory over sin, sickness and death obtained for us. I agree that when Christian people are sick they should first do as the bible instructs us to do, be anointed and prayed over by their church elders but if you don’t begin to get some relief pretty quickly I think you ought to see a doctor. Even though both drugs and doctors have been known to be BAD, I believe that God can work through them if He chooses to, and I don’t think you can toss out the whole of medical science because you feel as though God is limited to healing us in any certain way. It seems spiritually prideful to me, like the guy who sat on top of his house during the flood waiting for God to rescue him…he turned away three different people trying to help him escape and of course he eventually drowned! Before God he asked, “where were you, I was waiting?” and God said. “I sent a guy in hip waders, then a boat, and even a helicopter! Why didn’t you get in?’

God can’t work through evil? Doesn’t seem like He has much choice in this world!

1 Corinthians 1:27

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

I’ve heard this next one a lot, that all other versions of the bible besides the King James are basically heretical. Look into it, the research is compelling, lots of critical verses are severely butchered or omitted entirely. I personally prefer a KJV, because I believe it is the most accurate translation, but does that mean that the Holy Spirit can’t move in a persons heart when they read the NIV or the Living Bible? I don’t think so!

As stated in the definition a cliche is an expression that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse. If we’re not careful our spiritual lives can also become just a cliche!  We pray at certain times or in certain ways which are mostly just routine’s that lack the vitality that having a real relationship with Christ should have. Inevitably, this superficial level of faith spreads to every aspect of what our Christian life is supposed to be about until even the most sacred becomes ritual and then a cliche’. That sounds horrible, and for sure it is, but even when we’re at our worst, we serve a God that can clean the dirt, sticks and rocks out of the clay he wish’s to use and then form it into a vessel suitable to be filled with His Spirit. It’s never redundant or routine for God to love His children. Nothing God does is just a cliche’,  He causes the sun to rise every morning in a special way, He created each of us totally unique! I don’t know about you but I’m bored with the cliche’, I’m tired of  the spiritual circle I seem to be running in and I want more! I don’t just want to merely run in a “bigger circle” unless it’s big enough for me to be able to continually step out and walk in places I’ve never been and do things I’ve never done! None of that will ever happen as long as our faith is a cliche’ or until we drop the self righteous legalism and understand what it means to love!