Hand Me The Hanky…

Welcome,this morning i’m witnessing a very important event in me,and my daughter’s life. My daughter’s name is Boni Averil Brown, and this morning as she stood there in her new dress and shoes with her backpack on and ready to go, I was moved in a way all parents can relate to. What happened? she was just a little “hoot owl” only yesterday,who would’nt go to sleep till we did. My mind spins randomly thru a thousand memorys,and a thousand possibilities for her future. Its hard to imagine any moment any more signifigant than this,maybe her graduation,or her marriage, I remember my first day of first grade,because my mother took pictures of me coming out at 3:30. Plaid short sleeve shirt,crew cut,but i digress…as I sit here this am I feel much hopefullness,and happiness,but also I am concerned about “what the world is coming to” and what reality my daughter will face. I live in a very rural area that is pretty much ten years behind the times, and while I’m not saying thats such a great thing,it may afford my daughter a chance to live in an environment free of some of the pitfalls of urban life.Where she can just be a child,thats so important for kids and while it may sound redundant (they’re kids already) alot of children are robbed of their innocense by the society they must attempt to assimilate into their “belief systym”. They learn things at an early age which don’t bode well for a young persons sense of identity. Monkey see,monkey do? to some extent,yes.This is the reality they come to accept as normal life. I know that sheltering your children can be somewhat detremental,they grow up to be “rubes” (naive, ignorant) I’d much rather filter what they’re exposed to and attempt to help them process it, the problem is we can only do that in a limited way,what we see them see,or what they ask about. Alas, I feel like I’m rambling on, I wish for you a life filled with moments like I had this morn,after all life is just a memory,is’nt it? (sniffs and dabs hanky below his nose,thank you)


By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

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