The "not so great" outdoors

Nature is a wonderful thing,but it can be scary as well! Recently I found myself in the Sierra Madre mountains at around 7000 ft. of elevation.I’ve never seen mountains like that before! As wonderful as they are,(awesome and majestic) they scared the hell out of me in an eighteen wheeler. So many things can happen,brakes go out…engines malfunction,tires blow,and when it happens up here,its a long way to the bottom,a very long way,Its also a little unsettling to look out your window and see the vast expanse of un-survivable wilderness,no convenience store in sight,no fast food,(jack rabbits excepted) and to be confronted by your “dependence” on the trappings of modern society.It is diffrent up here,out here,north of yellowstone east of the sierra’s,nearly 2 miles above sea level. Another of natures spectacles,that also scared the Bu-jesus out of me,are the Santa Anna winds! I was traveling along,northbound on I-15,early on sunday morning headed for rosamound ca. As I got closer to ontario the winds just became gustier and gustier,they flashed warnings on the overhead signs,”high profile vehicles not advised” but on I went,I can honestly say I’ve never felt winds like that before! I’m pretty sure that I was on “9” wheels there for a second,thats when I pulled over and took more serious stock of the situation.It’s a strange feeling when your truck tilts to about sixty degrees and then slams back down. California is a really interesting place to visit,full of natural wonders,accentuated by what man has done to them.


By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

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