The American Nightmare

For me it’s sort of an inescapable conclusion that at some point in the future man will look back at what once was the United States and weep. Perhaps he’ll be overwhelmed by the loss of what once was,or enraged by the self serving greed that was responsible for it’s demise! He may even be dumbfounded that people were so complacent, that they let themselves be used for profit and then be tossed out like garbage afterwards.

Call it what you will, absurd perhaps…negative, unpatriotic?

One thing’s for sure, it’s bad news!

In this post and in forthcoming installments I’ll explain my perceptions of why I feel as though we’re  headed for the rocks and leave you to draw your own conclusions.  While  considering how to best accomplish this I was at first discouraged by the scope and complexity of the problem and  then also perplexed over deciding which of our national issues to include. My intent is not to be exhaustive or to bombard anyone with more information than most people care to know, but instead to provoke thought and discussion as I casually relate what I perceive to be happening to all of us who call ourselves “Americans”.

Where to start?

They say that if you’ve got your health you’ve got everything. If you doubt it, simply ask the next terminally ill billionaire you meet which he or she prefers–his or her money or his or her life!

As our nation has become more and more urban and less and less rural something critically important has changed with regard to the average Americans diet and “lifestyle”. People stopped growing their own vegetables and raising their own animals opting instead to simply get a job and buy those things from a store. I believe it was called the industrial revolution. Sounds important, doesn’t it? We then turned this most important responsibility over to corporations whose primary motive is profit and then somehow we’re shocked and disillusioned that they might not live up to the claims they make in their commercials of how they “care about your families health”. In fact, the results of this sort of  “caring” are the primary precipitating factor to practically every major health problem we have in this country!

We’re a nation of over-fed and obese, malnourished people…Huh?

That’s right, we consume foods produced under unnatural conditions which are not only practically void of nutrition but are for many reasons outright toxic to us. Our bodies continue to crave nutrition that our foods don’t have and so we continue to consume more and more in an attempt to satisfy our needs.  What happens is that in this futile process we end up ingesting a incredibly high number of calories we have little or no chance of burning since few of us do very much daily manual labor while sitting at a desk or driving a truck.

Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer…

Recently I met a lady from Africa whose mother came here for a visit. When taken to a local grocery store she was at first very impressed with the great abundance and apparent quality of the food she saw but after tasting it her opinion changed. Within weeks she told her daughter that she had to go home because she couldn’t eat our food. I believe the reason for her aversion is that she simply knew the difference between the real food she was used to and our fake food! I further believe that food does, or at least should have, “soul “. That love is a tangible ingredient that can be touched and tasted, one that’s essential to our health and one that’s sadly absent in our food supply! It seems as though in the name of corporate profit we’ve been duped to the point that we don’t, as the lady’s mother did, even know the difference!

Exactly who are the expediters of this American nightmare? I’m not afraid to name names….Corporations such as Monsanto,Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland top the list of entities who are out to monopolize our food supply and force feed us nutritionally bankrupt, genetically modified,commercially irradiated, poisonous, substances cleverly disguised as food! It’s almost as if our government has pimped out the American people to these food conglomerates, and to the World Health Organization with their “better” ideas such as Codex Alimentarius

But don’t be alarmed.

Because we in America have the best health  sick care system in the world–

And that’s the topic of my next rant blog entitled

“Sick and Tired”


By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

5 replies on “The American Nightmare”

Sick -care, hmmmmm, nicely said! Because really, we don’t need care when we are healthy! As to being duped, I don’t know if we are being duped so much as we are just too lazy, too caught up in “modern life”, to take the time to take the steps that need to be taken in order to provide ourselves with better nutrition. One thing that irks me is that the social programs just dole out dollars, rather than providing the means for people to work at providing for themselves. Even in urban areas there are the outlying regions where government land can be allocated for community gardens where those on the system could be required to go and garden their own crops, raise their own chickens for eggs and meat, cows for milk and meat. It would teach them basic agricultural skills and boost their self-esteem to boot, by allowing them a route to a better way. I don’t know. It seems like such a simple plan……..why isn’t something like that being done? A bus could be provided and a certain amount of days assigned per month for the people on the system from individual communites. A few acres could yield quite a crop of vegtable staples, and a few chickens, cows and pigs could translate into enough meat, eggs and milk to feed quite a few people. Seems to me that this would be a better way to spend some of the money currently being handed out and who knows where it goes? I say let the people provide for themselves through communal farming, and let’s teach our inner-city children how one can feed oneself from the land – the way God intended us to.
I’ll stay tuned for the next installment!

Serena, I couldn’t say for sure why the U.S. government doesn’t have programs such as you described in place but perhaps you hit it on the head when you said that most people would be too lazy to do it! There would of course be other complications which would likely end up adding to the overall cost of the food stamp program and if the USDA had anything to do with it it would probably become a complicated mess. This idea makes sense, but we both know that it’s much easier for the government to just keep doing what they’ve always done…besides that food stamp revenue is a huge part of keeping countless businesses afloat in this country. I agree that it would be much better for people if this was how the system worked, but in confusing situations like this the answer is usually to “follow the money” if you want to find the answers. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

WOW! How’s this for some synchronicity?????? I left this blog and went onto the Humanity Healing site and read this article:

Amazing how synchronicity works isn’t it. This happens to me constantly! Check out this business listing. The “communal garden” idea has been in this individuals heart for twenty years and he is finally putting his Inspiration in Action! Good for him. And yes, communal gardens are one way that we as the Citizens of North America (I’m an American living in Canada) can get a handle on what we put into our mouths, and also lower the costs of social programs. Perhaps it could be a way to introduce our younger generations to farming — something they likely have very little knowledge of, or experience with!

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