In The "real world" (cont)

I f we choose to see people with compassion instead of “ego” we might conclude that these people who hate us and despite fully use us are indeed miserable people who are caught in the web of lies. Whose belief system gives them permission,and justify their behavior. Its our choice to have empathy towards them,after all, our belief system tells us that this could be us,were it not for the grace of God. Functioning out of what we refer to as “ego” is a mindset which seeks to convince us of our separateness from other people. That we’re somehow better. Is this an organic function of our brain? Or is it part of our “ID” (psych term) or is it….hmmm,could it be SATAN!!?? remember church lady from sat nite live? I would laugh but its just SO not funny. I’ve named this entry “the real world” for a reason,and at this point I’d like to share a little sugar packet humor with you. What is the definition of an optimist? Well,that’s someone who tells you to cheer up when things are going THEIR way,there now we can laugh,lol Its only funny because its true, I wish that I could tell you that I was some kind of “master” of these ideas that I promote,but that would be a lie. I am,and always will be, a “foul able human being”, a mistake maker,a sinner. What then is the most important point of being a christian? Or rather,what is the difference between me and anyone else in the world who prefers not to classify themselves as such? very simply,I’m simply forgiven. I try to live my life with the God given grace which allows me to say, “not my will be done,but yours Lord” because I know that you’ve got all the bases covered,for me,my family and friends,and everyone who are your children. For the whole world,he’s got it in his hands you know. I love that song, I love the song Victory in Jesus too,and just as I am,when I hear them I feel his love in a powerful way. My fears and insecurities cannot share my mind in the presence of that.I’ve found the power of music will take us into his presence,its where I can worship him, its what its all about and it doesn’t get any better,it can’t. I love the Lord because he loved me first,when I was a reprobate sinner, he knew my heart. Friend,he knows yours too,he crafted it before you were even in the womb,designed it,why?because he can,because God is love,which is never static,or idle,he created us for fellowship,so he would have someplace to put all of his love,and see it come back to him,so that we could shine and give testament to who is our father.


By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

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