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Just Don’t Loose Your Head

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Howdy Yall! It’s just me checkin in with ya to let you in on a few of my latest adventures…I’m talkin REAL exciting stuff! First of all, I put all of my 50+ chicks outside in a pen and boy did they LOVE IT! I watched them scratchin dirt and acting like chickens, scuse me for a minute…

dead chicken head...

These are the feet...

These are his feet…check out the spurs on this “bad boy”

I had to go out and butcher this huge domminicker rooster, he was killin the hens he was tryin to do it with so now he’s making a big fine pot of soup! Thats my friend Richard in the background… Well, it’s already been a “wild weekend” like I said I put my chicks outside and everything was “sweetness and light” but would’nt you know something had to screw that up! I walked out there yesterday just in time to see a good size black snake headin for the “chick buffet” I grabbed him by the tail and thats where the fight started. Eventually I persuaded him to leave peacefully, albeit with the understanding that if I EVER see him in my chicken pen again…I’d kill him! Well, of course he DID come back, and of course I had to seperate his head from his body…(heres some pic’s of that)

just don't loose your head

this snakes

He was’nt a REAL big snake, and I really hated to kill him, but…I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do, and he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do…and that there’s “what it is’, sometimes it ends like that,sometimes you get killed for “doing it to death,” other times for “doing it” to life! I know…pretty deep stuff huh? It’s all just a part of farm life. Anyway, heres another tidbit you might enjoy, I got up this morning and loaded up the car with a bunch of stuff to take to the local swapmeet. After I got loaded up I started the car and man did it sound wierd! We took off toward the swapmeet and it never got any better (scary with a carload of chicks), when we got to the sale I popped the hood and looked down at the manifold and saw the plug wires had been chewed in two by squirrels! Have you ever seen the plug wires on a toyota? they’re diffrent alright, I could’nt even figure out how to get the wire off the distributer…(duh) Then my friend Richard showed up and I told him the story, he took a look and asked if I had any electrical tape which I was able to borrow from another friend and VOILA!


In the pic below you can see where he had to use a piece of phone wire he picked up off the ground


After he finished I fired it up and to my stunned amazement…it worked! Anything that you fix with duct tape or baling wire will usually last forever, right? You may think thats lucky but I’ve got an even better one! This car (which my pastor loaned me after mine got repo’d) lost a CV joint on the front left wheel last week. Long story short, A brother in Christ of mine from my church went and bought the part that it needed, came out to my house way out in the woods and on his own time FIXED that car sittin in my driveway in about two and a half hours ALL just out of the goodness of his heart!! I was TRULY amazed! It really makes you feel like “payin it forward,” a day or so later I went with our pastor and did some yard work for a church member who was’nt able to do it himself. This is the type of “church body” that they talked about in the second chapter of Act’s, “looking after the needs of each other” it’s really just unheard of these days for people to do stuff like that. I want to start a local “food ministry” using the stuff I grow in my garden. There are a lot of older folks in my church and community who enjoy fresh veggies but are no longer able to tend a garden and since it looks like I’m gonna have a pretty good harvest this year what I don’t eat or can I’m going to distribute on a love offering basis. It’s a great feeling being a member of the body, for He cares for us all!


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