Whoa boy did we ever have an ice storm! We lost power last Tuesday afternoon ( the 27th) and we were completely snowed in until (Monday,the 2nd). You have to understand I live 2.5 miles off of the paved road and I drive a Toyota Camry so I’m staying put! It’s been quite a week without power, no television,no internet, NO LIGHTS, all we had to depend on for heat and cooking on was our wood cook stove which really came through for us big-time!

you can't cook "real" pan fried chicken by you.

The “Star”, our bakers choice wood burning cookstove.

The first night after the storm I thought it would be better if I moved the chickens from their open pens into the old goat barn. It was dry inside,and it would be a much better place to feed them because of the ice. One at a time I picked up each bird and walked them over to the dry barn where food and fresh water waited. Most of them were easily caught, (they were very cold and not too feisty) but about a third of them were highly resistant to the idea of being “caught” Hmmm, well, thats a chicken for ya! Even still how strange it seemed to me, I had raised each of them from chicks, fed them, cared for them, even had a relationship of sorts with them (I loved them) but still they feared me…Thats when it occurred to me how similar man is to a chicken! God would like nothing better than to take us all to a better place that He’s prepared especially for each of us, to save not just our lives but our eternal souls! To rescue each one of us from our “dire circumstances” and save us from our SELVES. Instead, we cackle off to our own corner and ignore His ovations to us to “Come, take MY yoke (pun intended) upon you…for my burden is light” The things you can learn from a chicken…AK000674 by you.

The Goat Shed

AK000675 by you.

The Chicken Pens
AK000673 by you.

Today is Thursday,the 5th… and we still do not have electricity,this is why

AK000677 by you.

This is the before shot…

AK000681 by you.

This is the after…OOOOH, SNAP!!

here’s my yard in the early morning hours, I thought it was an interesting shot,it has sort of an apocalyptic quality to it…

AK000669 by you.

and my driveway?

AK000678 by you.

No I’m not kidding…

But it has been kind of funny at times, I’ve gotten into the habit of yelling out “there’s the power!” or “powers on!” and watching my wife spin around and look to see…I’ve enjoyed alot of bird watching and taking walks in the sunny frozen-ness. When everything’s frozen it just seems like you’re looking at a picture of something instead of the actual forest or whatever, nothing moves too much at 5 degree’s.