a little summer sumthin…

Last night I felt privileged as I sat outside in my lawn chair looking up at the beautiful moon. Privileged that I was so fortunate to be enjoying the cooling breezes,  the smell of the freshly cut hay that wafted along with it, and the musical accompaniment of the myriad of insects all singing their summer songs at the peak of their powers. As I  stared into the brightness of that moonlit sky all the cares and concerns that have been been my recent companions took their leave and I was left in simple awe.

Sometimes the intensity or the perfection of a moment takes us by surprise, other times it’s a result of careful planning on our part. For me this moment fell into the former category. As if a stage had been set just for me to walk out onto, to take my place on and preside over this creation. I wondered if God was also sitting in His chair watching the show from His perspective. If I, like the things that I had enjoyed , was also part of His entertainment.

Like a parent who takes pleasure in watching His children enjoy what He’s provided them with. There’s a deeply fulfilling feeling that comes from believing that you have pleased your Father. That He’s looking on and smiling,  you can feel His presence but it’s so overwhelming that you prefer to fade in and out of it. Moving back and forth between the natural and the supernatural at your will.

Tonight’s the actual full moon, If I leave now I’ll still have time to head down to the river for a cool refreshing late afternoon swim…

After that I think I’m going to stop off and pick some blackberries and satisfy my craving for freshly picked blackberry cobbler with ice cream!

But later tonight, when that big moon comes up over The Pigman Ranch

(which is just across the meadow from me)

I know where I’ll be!