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Send in the clowns…

That seems to be the mood lately, I’m a little tired of all of these “reality” shows though. Does it bother anyone else besides me that we as a nation are so preoccupied with them? I think what we really need is an “Extreme Government Makeover”, Or maybe we should watch “wipe-out” while the market tanks! Maybe we can ALL be contestants on our own “home version” of “survivor”…Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned, so why can’t we “dance with the stars”?

It just amazes me how the priorities of a whole society can be so incredibly shallow…

That we, like the Romans, would prefer to sit back and watch these “spectacles,” I suppose it’s mostly because watching someone else be ridiculed or be challenged in some ridiculous way, somehow makes Us feel less ridiculous.

Hold on friends, before you take that extra Valium… I’ve got some “good news” too!

Do you remember the other day I was talking about my cars alternator and how it wasn’t working right? A couple of days ago I changed the oil and when I pulled the car off of the ramps and parked it I noticed that the battery light on my dash wasn’t on! I was skeptical, so I started it up a few times…still off! That turned out to be really important when I went in to do some pre-training for a job I’m trying to land and had to leave before it was light! It was previously unable to keep itself running when the lights were on. I talked with a mechanical friend of mine and he said that sometimes the brushes inside the alternator don’t make good contact or something like that…I’m just saying THANK YOU JESUS! that’s cool huh?

Here’s another “coincidence” way back in 1994 a
guy smashed my windshield. (long story) I get a postcard in the mail from the prosecutor of Greene county telling me to call them and when I do she informs me that this individual has been picked up for another warrant and that this was still on his record as being unpaid. She asked me how much the windshield cost me, we agreed on 150.00$ and either today or tomorrow I’m expecting a check in the mail! GOD IS GOOD! strange isn’t it?

UPDATE! here’s the check…received it tonight!

And then, there’s this job opportunity I’m pursuing right now. I was interested in being a bus driver with the Couch Mo school district, only to find out that the maintenance man is quitting in October and they’re going to need someone there too! That’s a better Job than just being a driver and I’ll also make additional money driving for them! Hallelujah!!

So God really is looking out for me! I was talking to a lady yesterday and we both agreed that as bad as things in our economy/nation/world seem right now, we’re probably only seeing the tip of the iceberg! It’s SO much worse than any of us can even fathom…But are we anxious? are we depressed? NO! why? because we know from Gods word that these things must come to pass, and that like birth pains, these are the signs that our Lord will be coming soon. This worldly system of things is a wash out, we can’t do anything to change it! All we can do is be busy here with our heavenly Fathers business of telling as many people about the real “great news” that there is a God! He does love us! He sent His Son to save us from being eternally separated from Him and from our own choice to be cast into torment! That’s whats important right now…don’t you agree?

Send in the clowns, don’t bother they’re here!

I say send us the savior, it’s ever so near!

Come go with me to that land over yonder, He s prepared for the pure and the true.
It s a place where sickness and death cannot enter, I m going brother how about you?
Maybe today or maybe tomorrow, He ll return in robes of pure white.
I m packing up now getting my things together, Who knows? It might be tonight…