Boni Brown wins Little Miss Myrtle Yester-daze Pageant!


Boni Brown, eight year old daughter of Jeff and Donna Brown, was crowned “Little Miss Myrtle Yester-Daze” September the 25th in the Couch school gymnasium. She was chosen from eleven beautiful young ladies between the ages of 5-9 years old to represent the community at the Myrtle Yester-Daze celebration held on Saturday the 26th in Myrtle, Mo. In it’s twelfth year, the “Yester-Daze” event  is a celebration of small town life both past and present, patriotism, as well as the spirit of diversity and cooperation that define the small community . The events held during the celebration not only reflect the vocational interests of the community such as logging, and saw-milling, but also the home crafts and hobbies of the residents of southern Oregon County, Mo.  These events include, for the men, horse shoes, Bar-B-Q, hot cars, woodworking and chainsaw competition’s (and one woman I saw competing!) and even a baby back rib eating contest. For the women, quilting, canning, spinning yarn, photography, “husband calling” and lots of other crafts . And of course, lots and lots of activities for the kids including the pedal truck-pull, the washer toss, and of course the chicken and pig scramble!

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What makes Myrtle and other small communities like it different?

Well, what I find most remarkable is that such a diverse group of people from all stations in life interact together with mutual respect towards each other. The man who sacks your groceries at the local store may be a millionaire, but he’s not too good to talk to you. You’ll see people sharing a laugh or passing the time of day that in other places you might not, it’s “outlaws, inlaws, sinners and saints” all just trying to live out the answer to the question “Can’t we all just get along?”

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