Our “Genetic Predisposition”

Electron Microscope Coloured DNA Strand on Black by the_tjb.

In the week that’s passed since we lost our electricity due to an ice storm I’ve done quite a bit of reading. I came across an interesting article written by the famous author Chuck Palahniuk who’s most well known for his novel “Fight Club”. He said that he hadn’t owned a television since 1991, he went on to say that not watching TV helped him to be able to “hold a narrative” in his head. Here’s more,

After I gave up TV, I found that I was able to carry longer stories or ideas in my head and put them together until I was carrying an entire short story, thats pretty much when I started writing.

My next thought’s after reading that seemed like an ephipany to me, as if surely someone’s made this connection before right? Could there be a connection between TV and ADHD? If so, why doesn’t everyone “get it”?

I’ve heard that some people with European ancestry are immune to the AID’s virus,why? Perhaps because their ancestors lived through the black plague in Europe and their immune systems are more resistant or have an enhanced ability to fight it off. African Americans also seem beset with their own particular illnesses, high blood pressure being one of them. One theory as to why goes back to when they were brought here confined in steerage compartments of ships where the ability to retain salt was the key to surviving what must of been the most inhumane of conditions, now they still do but it’s killing them. Many people in this country believe that the MRI shots that all children receive at around 3 are responsible for the condition known as autism. In the late nineties I worked with an autistic man as his aide or “staff,” I got to know his family pretty well, he also had a younger sister who was autistic. Their parents were really nice people, his father was an engineer who had met his Colombian wife while he was doing some work in South America. I’d really like to see a study done where they factor in the tolerance to these vaccinations and peoples previous cultural exposure to them, (I think there’s a connection)

Genetic predisposition…..

Thats a 64 dollar phrase that if you translate properly into the vanacular of a bible thumper like me means “Sin nature”. Modern medical science can now tell by looking at your DNA which illnesses or conditions that you might be at risk for. I think that if they looked even harder who knows they might be able to tell a whole lot more!

Aren’t you glad that we have the option to be filled or influenced by a different “genetic predisposition”? The Holy Spirit is exactly that! He’s been empowering man to conquer his “sin nature” since Jesus ascended to heaven.(perhaps before?) We are the adopted children of the one true God of whom Christ was the firstborn. We have the choice to draw from that lineage instead of from our natural parent Adam.

I think our greatest challenge in life is to look beyond the “Genetic Predisposition” of others and to be well aware of our own. I’ve heard love described as “that state of being in which one knows all of anothers defects and still feels the same (loves) about them.”

Isn’t that what God does?

To see people with the “eyes of love”

This morning I was feeling so thankful to God for all He’s done and it occured to me how much I love God. I also reminded myself that I love God not because I was smart enough to but “Because He loved me first”! And that He is the source of all love and everything thats good in man. God gave so many wonderful gifts to us, we took them and perverted them into sin which resulted in sickness, death and suffering. Who and what man is was permanently changed by that. Sin entered the world through one man “Adam” and the remedy also came through one…Jesus Christ!