Who is my accuser?

I love this pic, It's awesome! by myboogers. Have you ever had an experience that left you so blessed that you couldn’t begin to wrap your mind around it all at once? I have…for the last 10 days I’ve been in jail. I turned myself in because there was a warrant against me for failure to appear on a contempt charge. I was in contempt of my child support order. For ten days I was blessed to be among some extraordinary people…the imprisoned. It was my privilege to listen to their stories, to share a word of encouragement, and basically just “love on ’em” for a while.

All of us have our issues in life that continue to whip us despite our effort’s to change or the pain that they bring into our lives and the lives of others. When we fail to deal with our “issues” correctly, we set in motion a series of circumstances in which we will through our actions, draw to ourselves, new opportunities to “change” For some this means jail time. What I found to be so heart wrenching was that behind the grizzly stubble of the most repugnant inmate is a bewildered child who’s become conditioned to being judged by people who simply by the “grace of God” aren’t just like them. Whom differentiate themselves by virtue of their great success at “attempting nothing”. To of been raised by loving parents, had mature adult coping skills modeled for them, only to lack the courage to walk into the “dark night” these men have walked into. Compelled by their hardwired prime directive to find love.

They say that only God can see into men’s hearts, or that it’s His exclusive right to “judge men”…but based on what He’s shared with me I can tell you for sure that HE”S not our accuser. Instead, He is the lover of our soul’s…

The Blessed Atonement

No Christian should deny that through the Holy Spirit we are empowered to live holy lives or that we are given the victory over sin and death based on the atoning blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If healing was not meant to be practiced today just as it was in the early church why doesn’t it say so in Gods word? In the book of Isaiah chapter 53:5 it says “That by his stripes we are healed” That seems present tense to me. We claim that Jesus is our redeemer and yet place different conditions upon His willingness to heal our sicknesses and diseases.
We profess our faith in Him and place our eternal souls in His care, shouldn’t it also make sense to trust him right now? We have a tendency to place our own limitations on God for various reasons. We ask Gods forgiveness and receive it through our faith and acceptance of Christ’s sacrificial work on our behalf. We must also come before Him in the same faith seeking providence for any need in our lives especially our healing. God is just as willing to heal us as he is to forgive us. We have no question or reluctance to praise God for His gift of “divine health” which is freely given to us. When we see our “divine healing” as being unavailable or somehow dependent on a new or distinct choice by God we disqualify ourselves from it.
Our acceptance of the gift of healing is just as much based in our faith as is our salvation. There is no salvation without repentance and no true repentance without “re-birth” or change in our hearts. Accepting Christ as our savior means we acknowledge our need of redemption and that we have forsaken any other means than Christ to accomplish it.
Do we trust too much when we say “You Jesus Christ are my only savior and I will have no other than you” Why should trusting in God for our healing be any different? Proverbs 3:5-8 says “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes;fear the Lord,and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel,and marrow to thy bones.” I think it’s critical to understand from this verse what it means by “directing our paths.” We have no basis for limiting how God see’s fit to provide our needs, sometimes that can mean hearing Him tell us to go see a doctor.

I earnestly desire that the world would catch sight of the greatness of our Lord! In order for that to be accomplished we must first sink so that He might rise, sit down before he can stand up! We are utterly dependent on His grace which enables us to be justified to cry out to Him”Abba Father” and know that he hears. Knowing also that He is the perfect father who is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

That in seeking first the kingdom of heaven we will find that all good things are added unto us. Not only does He provide for our daily needs, he provides us with divine healing,health and life! With the faith of a little child and a simple promise “I will never leave you,nor forsake you” all of our walls fall down. We are the bottleneck preventing God from blessing our lives through His Spirit. If we find ourselves in the position of attempting to explain why our ministries aren’t accompanied by “signs and wonders” Let us not be so insolent toward God as to attribute it to His will…but to our shortcomings

What are these “shortcomings” that prevent us from experiencing the blessings of God?

Pride: It’s very difficult for God to bless us if we think we “are” God, or if we try to put ourselves in his place in our lives. Believing that we are in control or that we can handle “the world” doesn’t work. Pride is often a cover up for our insecurities which are based in our awareness of the “poor effect” of our worldly remedies. We have great difficulty defending our continued reliance on them or in putting them aside in favor of Gods ways.

We should never let our “spiritual pride” limit the way’s that God can “love on us.” Money isn’t evil,but the love of it is! Medicine’s aren’t evil either,but the love of them is just as evil. There’s a balance to be struck and a legalistic attitude to be avoided. God truly can use any circumstances to bless us, it’s amazing to me that God would provide our redemption through Christ and include in that atonement our healing. But also love us so much that He would be willing to use medicine’s and give doctors wisdom to heal us as well. It’s difficult to understand the love that is represented by Jesus’ coming to earth from glory to lay down His life for us. Even more difficult for me is to hold onto my pride knowing it.

Unforgiveness: In Matthews gospel it gives us the example of how our unforgiveness compels God to anger. “And his master was angry,and delivered him to the torturers until he should pay all that was due him.” Who or what are our torturers? Sickness and disease? Anxiety and worry? Depression and condemnation? addictions? These are but a few of our “demons.” Holding unforgiveness in our hearts prevents Gods spirit from moving when we ask.

We need to be motivated by our desire to know God, asking God to change us and being compelled to forgive everyone in our lives who has wronged us. Mark 6:12-13 says “So they went out and preached that people should repent, and they cast out many demons, and anointed with oil many who were sick and healed them.”

Fear: The primary tool our enemy uses to keep us in bondage. It’s closely related to mis-trust often rising out of our relationship with our earthly father. Each of us will face thousands of decisions in our lives, it’s the choice of where we invest our trust that will determine who is the “sponsor” of our thought’s.

Our hearts and minds are a battlefield, Christ understood this perfectly. Thats why He made such a point of stressing that we should sanctify our hearts and gaurd our thought’s, and most importantly…Fear not!

unbelief: Jesus encountered unbelief when He came to Nazereth. There was an atmosphere of unbelief based in the familiarity they had with who they thought Jesus was, we have the same problem today. We believe in our power and control, we see ourselves as our own gods in many ways. In our hearts we know the definite limits of our facade and in our mis-understanding of God we project those limits onto Him.

Summers Almost Gone…

Summers almost gone... magnify

It does seem that way here where I live! It’s much cooler,and we’re actually getting a little rain lately. (signs of fall) What I have noticed this year is that the weather is actually very “normal.” We had some snowfall last winter, more than we usually get around here. The spring was very wet, like spring should be. Summer has been hot yes,but not nearly as hot as it was last year! Now fall comes to call…and because we’ve had an adequate amount of rain the leaves on the tree’s will be more colorful instead of just turning brown and falling off. It’s been a good summer, we had such a great crop of wild blackberries! I wanted to get a chance to share some pic’s of some of the highlights of my summer…so here they are!

them's "bramble's"It's just Mama Elroy's... by myboogers.

This is one of the cobblers I made with those berries! Let me tell you, there’s nothing better than blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream!

this is the preferred method, by myboogers.

can I get an “AMEN!”….

Here’s another home-made treat we enjoyed making this year, home-made applesauce!

first we pick the apples,


Then we cook them! AK000383

this is a food strainer, it saves doing all of the peeling!

AK000384 by myboogers.

then we just feed the cooked apples thru it and SHAZAM! you’ve got applesauce


cool huh? here’s a little “applesauce eater”

AK000378I'm gonna "yuck it up"

here’s another one, maybe a little too much “sauce” on the second one…

Our garden did great, we canned enough green beans and tomatoes to last us all year! here’s a few vegetable pic’s.

some of the first...broccoli

green beans gone WILD!dill weed blossom

And so, as the summer wanes and this blog grows tiresome I’m left in the familiar position of trying to tie it all together. It’s been a great year! Despite being unemployed, serving time in jail, blah,blah, yadda,yadda, you get the picture… My car is still running, (the one my pastor gave me) on the pieces of wire that my friend used to fix it back in (was it June?)

I used a piece of telephone cord to fix it! by myboogers.

No kiddin’, the white one is a piece of phone wire…lol, the other one is what was left of the wire after the squirrels chewed thru it.

Before you go, I want to give a little bit of my personal testimony regarding my situation. I’m very thankful for what the Lord has provided me with. However, I’m most thankful that through all of my circumstances He has shown me what really matters…HIM! I’m thankful that through my “bad luck and troubles” he’s taught me to trust Him, and to have peace in the storms of life! He’s taught me and my wife a great deal about what it means to “live your faith,” and He’s also teaching us what it means to be “empowered” by your faith. It’s my hope that if you’re reading this and you could use some encouragement that you would give God an opportunity to show you how much He loves you!

Train Wreck

Train Wreck
Train Wreck, Steam Locomotives by born1945.
That’s a pretty fair characterization of the current state of the GOP. I’m an Evangelical Christian and an independent voter, my priority issue is abortion, (there I said it) and I will vote for Mc Cain in Nov. but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. Do I feel as though the Mc Cain/Palin ticket represents my values? Yes and no…but mostly NO! They get my vote for being pro-life, even though McCain has no charisma or leadership aspects to his personality or a well thought out plan for our economic recovery. Even though his VP choice was apparently too busy fixing the world to deal with her own daughter and to instill in her the values that might of persuaded her daughter not to have had pre-marital sex. OH! there’s some tough medicine… At times it seems to me as though the republicans are basically “going through the motions” this election. They have sent McCain out as a scapegoat to take what I predict will be the “beating of a lifetime” this fall. It’s really sad, sometimes when I watch McCain on TV and read his facial expressions, he seems very uncomfortable, and he constantly blinks,like he’s lying about something. (not good) I could’ve accepted his choice of a running mate based on her being a “true believer” despite her being a “nobody” but apparently she’s not a “shining example” of what it means to be a parent let alone a candidate for the second highest office in the land. “So, it’s true! you do shoot your wounded” NO, we just try not to elect them! Am I being way too hard on her? perhaps I am, but I see it as her inability to manage her family as a basic failure of the stuff she claims to represent. I can’t just excuse it and brush it aside like most of the people I’ve heard talk about it are. “come on Alton, she’s a human being…you know, a mistake maker…you’re being judgmental” Yes, I am! that’s the thing about being a public personality, a celebrity, or a candidate for president, I wannna know if you’re the real deal or just another person willing to promise anything to me to get my vote, I’m required to make a choice,that involves “judgment”. Do you live by the principles that you espouse? Right now, I see both candidates as being disingenuous, Obama will at least admit what a mess we’re in as a country, I just have a hard time believing that he’s going to somehow turn it around given the tide that’s against him. Our lawmakers are mostly self serving crooks, looking to represent the highest bidder. And us, the American people…oh boy! I keep hearing Obama talk about how this “change” has to come from the ground up, not from the top down, and he’s right! I just have the hardest time believing that we the American people as a whole have the stomach for it. there’s a basic contradiction between what we say we want and what we’re willing to sacrifice to obtain it. So we’re doomed? well yeah pretty much…Obama may have the “Audacity of Hope” to believe in this country, I do not…the facts simply do not merit it. Instead, I have the “audacity of Hope” to believe that Jesus will someday return and that HE will rule! Man is wholly unfit to govern man, absolute power absolutely corrupts, always!…there is no political solution, to our troubled evolution, (Sting/The Police,spirits in the material world) kind of sums it up doesn’t it?

P.S. Perhaps I’ll write in “Chuck Norris” for President

Inside the Egg

I hear ’em chirpin, look! theres a hole in that one…daddy, can’t we just help them get out of the shell? No, we can’t…gettin outta that shell is the chickens first job, and it’s hard to do! but we have to let the chicken do it by themselves or else they may not survive. why? I dunno…but all of the chickens I’ve helped out of the shell died, it’s all a part of a process the chicken has to go thru to prepare it for life. We just have to sit back and watch…This is the conversation I had with my daughter tonight, it reminded me of my life struggles…and how even though we all find ourselves (like the chicken) going thru circumstances that are difficult and we sometimes wonder why God does’nt “help us out of our shell.” there is peace in knowing that God always has a purpouse…

I suppose the comparison is fair, depending on the comprehension level of God you have as opposed to the one the chicken has of us… I spent a lot of years in my egg, all a part of a process, a plan God had for me! There were times when I did’nt believe that I could ever experience a life as full of joy as I do now,or…that what I was experiencing was all that life had in store for me. Perhaps the greatest lesson we can take away from “the egg” is that it’s only thru our struggles that we learn our real strength! Although it sure does’nt feel that “spiritual” when we’re feeling overwhelmed with life!

In order for us to be a fully functioning member of “the body” and to be all that God intends for us to be, we must “overcome,” No TESTimony without the test right? In the book of James it says (1:2-4) My brethern, count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations; 3) knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. 4) But let patience have her perfect work,that you may be perfect and entire,wanting nothing…Chew on that while you enjoy these other pics…


you may lead a horse to water…

And even though he’s perhaps terribly thirsty, you can’t make him drink. Why is that a true statement? how does it remind us of ourselves? If it is our goal that the horse should drink then the important lesson here is that you can’t “make” the horse drink. Rather than succumb to our urgings and exhortations to drink, the horse prefers the smug satisfaction of knowing that despite our superior intelligence and opposable thumbs he has won! Many of us go thru life “noseless” without a nose, we decided that it would be better to cut it off than to appease the constant demands of an oxygen dependant body. My intent is to use this illustration of behavior by both horse and man as a lament of what I see as perhaps our biggest problem. Our pridefullness, our ego, our screwed up priorities and skewed perspectives. Our going thru life like the horse, so thirsty and yet unwilling to drink. Wearing blinders that prevent us not only from seeing side to side but ahead as well. We detect the stench of our dead lives and yet continue to embrace it. Life and relationships are what we make of them, circumstances are the excuses we use when we decide to quit. This is the good news, it’s good because it means that we have the ability to choose, its bad, because it nullifies many peoples only means of getting people to pay any attention whatsoever to them. Like the horse, who after refusing to drink brags about his superiority while he is dying of thirst we humans rationalise our choices through the filter of our own dis-functon and choose to remain chained to the rotting corpse that we keep smelling. that rotting corpse is us.

What we value is the health,contentment,and independence we earn…not the money we are missing

I was born and raised in the city. In a suburban setting that taught me to value work over health, striving for more over contentment, and a superficial sense of control over simple independence. As I became older, I understood that I was “living to work” instead of the opposite. Keeping up with the Jones’ will keep you chasing the happiness there in your tail. There are few things worse than the realization that you control.. ZIP…NADA…nothing! (absolutely that is) the proof of which comes precisely when it would’ve been the handiest to have had it. Don’t even get me started on money! Have you ever looked into your over-stuffed wallet and felt mocked? As if your money laughs at you? Because you were fool enough to trade the only thing of value you had for the happiness it didn’t buy.
In the 49 years I’ve been alive I think that I’ve really “lived” perhaps two. Two years of feeling as if I belonged somewhere, that I had a connection with “something” that was more than worthy of all I could invest. All things are a process and so am I …but am I finally in a place where that can happen? It’s a little bit like spending your whole life looking for a restroom. Your body tells you “I need to go” so you seek out a place where you feel safe or have some privacy and you “go”.  I looked for a lot of years because my mind was telling me I had to “grow”. That I had to find a place where I could find “rest.” and that’s what I did…these are my stories, my blog is called “seeking the kingdom” because its Gods kingdom I’m seeking, and his blessings that I’ve found.