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Our sick little secrets!

Our sick little secrets! magnify
Interesting title, kind of like a supermarket tabloid you just can’t help but notice! Are you up for a story? Not too long ago in a land not too far from here I met a man…It was during a period in my life when I needed help…lots of it! That man was a psychologist, and I was in a group therapy setting. This man made a huge impression on me, I often refer to him as having given “emotional birth” to me! He didn’t give a RIP about my outward feelings, or if I “liked him” he rolled up his sleeves and dove right into my life casting garbage aside and booting lies until I was naked and bare before everyone! (thats kind-of like birth) He made me admit that my parents had screwed up with me, and that I grew up doubting that they really loved me. He crammed the idea of ME being responsible for my own feelings down my narrow throat, enlightened me to the possibility that “I” based on my perceptions,could control my thoughts,which produce my feelings. I noticed that a lot of people in our group hated him…lol a few of them actually walked out of group when he was on “their case.” In the years since then I’ve never forgotten this man, (obviously) or how his “tough love” worked on me…and I love him still. He spoke the truth in love to me, and it changed my life…he didn’t let me squirm away and hide behind some dis-functional lie in my belief system, he pressed on toward the goal, he cared more for my future than my present dis-comfort. Is this just my reminiscing or is there a point to all of this? maybe just this…while there is a time to be gentle and considerate of peoples sensibilities (especially in a therapy setting) I feel that much more is accomplished by confronting peoples objections and excuses directly. Wheather it’s psychology or theology it doesn’t matter, in theology we typically wait until the spirit opens doors for us to “work” what psychology has taught me is that our behaviors ARE the doors, they are the”cry’s for help” we’re unable to give words to. They’re the outward expressions of inner problems relating to the spirit. Some people will object when it’s suggested that the source of their behavior is spirit related and will resist the attempts made to help them…now we can talk about how we’re only as sick as the secrets we keep, the lies we believe, the healing power that we embrace, and our bad choices. I would therefore submit to you that because I can “see” a car coming down the street that it has a direct bearing on the decision I make to walk out in the street…why? because I care for my life. If I believed LIES I’d probably walk out into the street and get hit, and be another casualty of this modern life. But the TRUTH shall set you free! Lord, I pray that you would use me as an instrument of thy peace and not the whole orchestra, and a minister of your truth, to set the captives free. help me to know Lord that I am but just a part! That I may plant seeds but it is you that gives the increase, that I may bring the message but it’s the Holy Spirit who convicts and changes hearts…amen

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The Truth,The Whole Truth,and nothing but the Truth…so help me God!

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth...(so help me God) magnify
I swore to tell it,and it very nearly got me put in jail. I appeared in court on monday and it did’nt go very well…long story short, after a brief discussion of my circumstances and my attempt to arrive at some compromise I was told “this is not, lets make a deal” by the judge. She told me that she would give me 60 days to start making current payments on my support or I could go to jail, I then told her that she “might as well just do it now” because I could’nt see any possibility of anything changing especially without a drivers licsense. She FREAKED out, and started talking to my wife who was sitting in the gallery saying “do you want to talk to him? and try to talk some sense into him” so after being offered this deal 3 times I took it and decided to go home. Shortly after leaving it occured to me that I was the only one in the court who “did’nt get it”, she knows I can’t make these payments…she just wanted me to “LEAVE” and NOT come back…ever! I called her bluff when I said she might as well throw me in jail now and if she really meant what she said she would’ve slammed the gavel down on me and the bayliff would’ve put me in cuffs, but she did’nt mean it, she’s saving those jail spots for much more heinous offenders,not 47 year old men who’re behind on their child support. I will not return. When I got home I checked the mailbox and found out that my tax return had been seized (3998.00) I thought I had hit rock bottom but I guess that must have been a ledge or something…(bounce) Recently I read something I’d like to share at this point, Sometimes when God takes things away from us (or everything) it brings us to the place where we understand that God is really all that we need, what a blessing that is! sometimes we look around and things seem scary, but I’ve yet to miss a meal, I still have a roof over my head,and I’m robustly healthy! and I know that God has a plan for my life and that sometimes you have to make a bigger mess before you can start to do the “re-construction”, so despite all of my worldly troubles or actually because of them I want to cling even tighter to the thing I value most, HIM! What will happen next? stay tuned friends…because theres something on the way!