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We’re All "bozo’s" on this Bus

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I stole that title from a comedy troupe I used to listen to called the “Firesign Theater”, funny stuff I thought…but today I want to use it to make a point about all of us. Yes ALL of us! In the past I’ve blogged about “the politics of separatism” and this is sort of related. lately, I’ve had a hard time “loving” other people.Weather it’s my wife,or a stranger on the street I continually (to myself) notice their faults and the folly of their actions. There is a lot of truth in the statement “pointing out the rudeness of others is the height of rudeness”, but also I have to reflect on how much of what I’m feeling is just me “not hating the player, but hating the game. What game? the one where WE have to be right, or that WE have to win, or that WE have to continue to fight until we do! How much of our lives are consumed with this sort of malevolence? This sort of posturing and pontification? I don’t know about you but I think that there’s far too much of it in my life! Some people refer to it as “drama” and thats pretty accurate, but if I’m ever to have any real deliverance from it I can only see it happening one way. Jesus! thats how…when I feel as though I’m being “put upon” by people, or treated unfairly by circumstances, I want to remember Him…when I feel as though I need to be stubborn and insistent about MY rights…I want to think of HIM, and what he went thru for me, and how if ANYONE has a right to be “ticked” it’s not me! thats a perspective thats sure to change your attitude, when I understand my own “drama” and look at how I’ve acted, and how the only “attitude” I should have is an “attitude of gratitude” for what is the unfathomable forgivness and grace thats been extended to me thru our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus…our eyes begin to open and our hearts are again filled with joy. Christian people are NOT perfect…but what we’ve got going for us is the Holy Spirit, and Christ himself who constantly make intercession for us with the Father. No matter how bumbling and wrong-minded we are, or how self-righteous and obnoxious we can be, no one up there ever stops loving us…amazing isn’t it? Amazing Grace is what it is…that we can live the kind of life we do, be the kind of people we are,and still have a hope of glory beyond this life of tears and struggle…Whats that? you’re not sure if you know what I’m talking about, or…none of that religious hoo-doo ever worked for me, well, know this…there is a lover of our souls, and a hater. a God we can serve, or an enemy we can be enslaved by. a perception of this life as being all there is,and a hope for eternity. A choice to love and a choice to hate, based on our own flawed sense of righteousness…why not admit that you’re a sinner (a bozo) and ask for His forgiveness (grace) and live a life that honors Him, instead of one that Dis-honors YOU! This bus is going to be leaving soon, don’t you want to be on it?