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Wilt Thou be made whole?

You mean, will you heal me? No, I mean will you “accept” the healing work that has already been done for you…
In John’s Gospel ( 5:6 ) Jesus has an encounter with a man at the healing waters of Bethesda. I suppose that on the surface it might seem to be an odd question to ask of a man who had been “seeking” healing for 38 years, I believe that Jesus was wondering if the man really wanted to be healed or if he was content with the wages that pity paid him.

Our acceptance of Christs death on the cross as being on our behalf is our redemption in the eyes of God.It gives us the right to be called son’s of God and restores our right relationship with God, Who, after He originally created the world and man saw it and said that it was good!

Not sick, not crippled, or anything short of perfect!

Who so loved the world,(His creation) that he gave His only Son that none should perish but have everlasting life! He said “everlasting” life, because he conquered death,and sin, and sickness. (which is itenerent death) How strange then that people would beg and plead for God to heal them, and not receive it…It just makes no sense! Unless we see it as our own satan sponsored fear and negativity that we’ve given control of our thought life,telling us the lies that prevent us from receiving Gods love and healing…essentially, we’re standing in our own way, God is willing but are we “able” to get over ourselves? Thats why so much emphasis is placed on our thoughts…it’s “the battleground” of the soul!

Throughout most of our lives we’ve been conditioned to accept attention in place of love. By our repeated exposure to our own shortcomings we come to realize our “flawedness.” One of two things typically happens to us, we over compensate by becoming “ego-maniacs” and spend our whole lives terrified that someone will see us for who we really are,or we decide that our best advantage is to be “the victim” and collect the dividends of sympathy and pity other people will hand out to us. Both options are bad,and whats worse is that they both lead to DEATH! spiritual,physical,eternal, death. This surely is’nt Gods plan for any of us, “Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?” or will you believe the deceiver who comes to kill steal and destroy? will you be satisfied with the crumbs from the table of life? or would you prefer the blessings of the Father which are health and life and joy, not just for today but into eternity? Is there some way,that for just one moment you might comprehend just how much satan has already STOLEN from you? If that does’nt cause something to well up inside you then I’m not sure what will! I pray that it might em-bolden you to walk with clenched fists right up to the door marked FEAR and with one thunderous kick come thru it into what is your real life, joy, love,and relationship,with the one and only true God!