Have you ever felt insignificant, Like a weed? Perhaps even a bit resentful at the thought of you’re life being played out as a supporting role in someone else’s

“big life”?

Perhaps your a frog who dreamed of being a prince…

Or maybe a plain old brick that wanted to become a great building!

The ugly duckling?

Many of us are inclined to see our ambitions as the problem. Reasoning that to act on the desire to rise above our apparent station in life is to choose to be openly discontented in our present circumstances.  And the only “call” on our lives that we’re aware of has to do with maintaining our status quo.  Change is an uncertain thing and depending on the results of it,  it can sometimes be looked upon by others as a vain manifestation of our selfcenteredness…and that’s BAD!

Isn’t it?

Blooming where we’re planted is the key, if I’m just a brick then I must be the best brick possible!

If I’m a weed, I’ll proudly and earnestly go about fulfilling Gods purpose for me!

That’s the ticket, forget about being a flower and just get happy!

After all, wherever you go, there YOU are!

If you weren’t happy as an ugly duckling then becoming a swan won’t solve your problem!

will it?

I believe it to be a very true statement that there is nothing so common in this world as men with God given talent and intellect. That they literally walk the streets, sleeping under bridges and in alleys.

“Well that’s crazy” you say, “how could that be, those people are bum’s?”

I believe it’s true because I’ve met them. It seems as though these men were at some point convinced that they were weeds, which is of course a lie. Everything in their lives beyond that point was merely living down to the expectations that were placed upon them. That’s not to shift the responsibility off of them, how could they not eventually come to know the truth? What could be more painful for them than to live with a yearning in their soul’s for the good and perfect will of the Father in their lives instead of their own profoundly misguided choices. Not to fret, our crafty enemy is ever ready to provide them with his  “answer”.  And so with the lie of  “I’m a weed” firmly implanted in their mind, and something to numb the pain, we can begin to understand the helplessness and hopelessness that’s expressed through the circumstances of their lives.

As much of a believer in education as I am, I’m an even bigger fan of people with a vision that can inspire others to put aside their personal agenda’s and start bailing the knee deep water out of the boat we’re all in! This nation has jumped the track, they say that in order to get a train back on the tracks after it derails you have to reverse it until you get back to it’s point of departure. How far back do you think that is? I’m not as impressed by how many diploma’s you may have on your wall, or with the capital letters that follow after your name as much as I am in knowing

“Do you know how to fix this and can you make this thing work?”

It’s always more cost efficient to take care of what we have than it is to repair or replace it. The investment that’s made through providing education and protection from harm to societies most vulnerable members is one that’s made in everyone’s best interest. The real payoff isn’t immediate, it’s a long term investment that societies make in their own future. It’s an investment that we’ve failed to make because our short-sighted leadership stood by while our real collective wealth as a society was plundered. It’s would’ve been cheap to fix at one point, especially if you give any credence to the sixteen to one exchange rate expressed in the phrase,

“an ounce of prevention is worth a whole pound of the cure”

Those who’s destiny it was to be the much needed missing elements of today’s society were thwarted through various means. The holocaust of abortion, our unchecked nationwide epidemic of drug/alcohol abuse, and the crown jewel of our undoing, the compromise of the American family! It’s a fairly common thing for men to take an old rusty car and restore it, not just because they hope to turn a profit from it but because they love doing it. How much more important is doing “rehab” work with people? And rewarding, look at the return on that investment in terms of the number of added hands being put towards the successful outcome of our common cause.

They say that a weed is a plant man hasn’t found a purpose or a use for yet, and that’s probably the best reason I don’t recommend looking to man for your validation! God made man in His own image, so that means your not a weed, and God does have a vitally important purpose for your life! So if you’re not a weed, who were you supposed to be? What part of the solution were you intended to provide? When will you decide to do whatever you can from this point on to make that happen? Where do you belong? Why…why not?

You’re not a weed, your significance is in the difference you can make in the lives of others who are perishing because of their need of what you have. That knawing feeling in your gut is from you holding back what God sent with you into this world. Have you had enough of Satan’s lies, or are you going to let him continue to steal from you? Is the life you’re living the life that God meant for you? How do you see the focus of your life and who’s glorified by it? If it’s not God, then friend you have a sin problem! And that’s a very bad thing,

I’ll tell you why…

Inside your heart,a still small voice, is calling out to you.

But it’s very easy to ignore, and do the things you do.

Just don’t ever wonder why Your life is filled with pain,

or why things never do work out as long as you remain

The one who’s will is served by the living of your life.

This is not the purpose, it’s the product of your strife.

He said that if we’d be His people, He would be our Lord.

And that the battle has been won,

we don’t need to lift the sword.

A life that’s lived to honor God really blesses you.

So just let go of all your sin

and thank the Lord it’s true!

From my book of poetry, “Something To Read Besides The Walls”


By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

14 replies on “Weeds…”

Thanks for this post Jeff.

I didn’t know the gutter physically, but I was familiar with it mentally!

A favorite lyric from a favorite song of mine, “He saw not what I was, He saw what I could be.”

Thank you Roger,

there’s no poverty like the poverty of the soul!

“He saw not what I was, He saw what I could be.”

Because He was looking with the eye’s of love!

Praise You Father!

Need to read this more than once. Thought provoking… something we don’t want to think about to often or to deeply… let’s just keep things on the surface… some feel life is easier that way… when in reality it’s the cause of our discontent with our life.

Welcome to you Pam!

We’ve ignored a lot in the last 50yr’s, Eventually we’ll figure out that we’re really all in the same boat, and that it’s sinking…

Our real discontent is in living a life

that doesn’t glorify God!

Thanks for the comment!

Well said, my friend.
It also goes hand in hand with the meme of my blog. That is, mediocrity and common people.
If we are honest with ourseleves, most of us are mediocre at best. That’s nod a bad thing. We are the salt of the earth. Let’s celebrate who we are and BE HERE NOW!

Have you been reading Baba Ram Das again?

lol, just kidding…;)

I think we may have a philosophical difference of opinion as far as the “celebrate mediocrity ” thing goes…What I’m trying to emphasize is who each of us are, or who we can be, “In Christ”

We’re all different members of the body and we all have different giftings,talents etc…As long as you’re using them to glorify God you’ll never feel insignificant, even cleaning a toilet can be an opportunity for praise if you’re serving the king of kings! Part of my intent here is to motivate people who are feeling insignificant to open themselves to what God has planned for their lives and to come to know what it means to live a life more abundant!

Thank You for your comment!

Dear Mr. Altonwoods,

Thank you again for being like the breeze that pushes and shoves against my growing to make me stronger.

Here, you have said so wonderfully, so clearly what I intended with my blog about Billy…your butterfly brushed my cheek with deeper wisdom, again.

Most sincerely,

Okay,I’m done blushing…thank you very much!

It’s been my experience that until someone experiences first hand what it means to “fall through the cracks” in life it’s very difficult to summon up any real empathy and compassion for others.

Some might say,

“I don’t need to throw battery acid in my eye’s to know it burns!”

That’s true, but you’ll never know how much it burns, if you did you’d never say anything like that…

We’re all in this together…when I help you,I help myself as well!

So lets continue to do all that we can!

God Bless=Bless God

Your posts and comments are full of wisdom. I mine more and more out of them as I reread them. Most importantly they cause me to stop and examin myself and my life.

“That knawing feeling in your gut is from you holding back what God sent with you into this world.” That sentence stopped me in my tracks and will take some serious digesting.
Thank you Jeff. I’m glad we are “…in this together.”


Jeff, great post. You nailed it. When discerning whether a ‘plant’ is a weed or a flower, vision is the key.
My father-in-law just loved this one particular plant that grows wild here in Texas. Tall, dark green, with a proud purple flower on top. He always asked what it was. The answer was always, “Just a weed.”
He had vision. He saw beauty where others saw ‘just a weed.’
He’s gone now, but every time I see that flower on the side of the road I am blessed by his memory.

Inspiring and true. Thanks.


Well said! I followed you here from my blog. Your visit and comments piqued my interest.

The gifts we are given are gifts from God, if not use to Honor God with those gifts we do not honor ourselves as Children of God…

I am Love, Jeff

I think that is a really good post. I would like to add that we all feel that way sometimes after following the Lord for years and years and praying to be changed in our hearts by God is the key. For he wont’ mess with us if we do not ask him to so I have to pray to be content quite often and, on top of that the pressure of the world saying we are failures if we have not achieved this or that is a huge pressure! Many do not realize just how big of a testimony it is when Jesus DELIVERS YOU from giving into that pressure. It’s sad…so many just do not really “get it” or understand the Power of God unto Salvation. 🙂

For an Arkie trucker who hauls vegetables, you have a great way with words. Great message.

Jesus chose His twelve disciples, not on who they were because Lord knows they were a mess, but rather, He chose them on where He saw they would eventually be. And except for Judas’s own decision to abandon Jesus, His choices were amazing and became the foundation for today’s church.

Who knows? Maybe the homeless man in your picture might be another Saul of Tarsus, waiting for an Ananias to hear the voice of God.

Thank you Larry! It’s always so nice to be appreciated for something creative like writing that comes from your soul…You’ve been a great encouragement to me and I’m hopeful that like the disciples my life will bear the fruit of the love that’s been invested.

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