Galatians 5:13

You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love.

If you’re anything like me you love that word, but it’s meaning can be rather confusing. The first rule of economics tells us that there is no free lunch, that it’s either already been paid for or the bill is yet to come. Knowing this, we’re more likely to be skeptical of things that are free, and even less trusting of the phrase “At no cost to you” I guess it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I said ring, perhaps I meant hook…

The difference between the two is subtle, “free” denotes  something we aren’t beholding to anyone for, that we might indulge ourselves in without impropriety, without feeling encumbered by any sort of obligation. That being thankful for is merely good manners on our part, not a requirement.

Whereas, “at no cost to you” suggests something else that most people aren’t as comfortable with. Just knowing that there was a cost to someone at some point registers with most people as something that’s “owed”. Even if it’s merely some due consideration such as being thankful, it’s seen as being a liability or as undesirable.

As I was thinking about what these words mean I wondered if there was a worthwhile comparison involving these two definitions and some of the ways in which the gospel is presented to people.  Peoples misconceptions concerning Gods free gift of salvation can be a stumbling block,  as an ambassador of Christ I feel it’s useful to understand them. I’ve always believed that if the gospel was presented to people from the perspective of grace they’d have no reason not to accept Christ!  Unfortunately, most of what I’ve heard seems to come across kind of like this,

“You’re a hopeless sinner on your way to hell! Accept Christ’s free gift of salvation, and then spend the rest of your life trying to be good enough to keep it”.

Yes! You are a hopeless sinner and Yes! salvation is a free gift, but once you accept it you’re NOT on the “Holiness” hook,

holiness isn’t the way to Jesus, instead it’s Jesus who is our way to holiness!

Yes, God wants us to be Holy, but it doesn’t count for anything if we’re just doing it to save ourselves! I think He wants us to be holy out of our love for Him, not to be coerced or guilted into it or be told that our salvation depends on it. That doesn’t sound like grace, which is the UN-merited favor of God, that sounds more like a doctrine of works or the “at no cost to you” type of free.

2 Timothy 1:9

Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,

The point I’m going for is that man has great difficulty accepting that salvation is a free gift, or in understanding what love really is. Perhaps because all he’s  known or experienced is the “strings attached” type,  it could be that the obligated version of “free” may be all he understands.  I feel like that’s pretty common in this world, but this is the greatest example of real love!  Even though man may be much more familiar with the worlds lesser examples of love or more comfortable with seeing himself as being “worthy” of salvation, that’s not the real gospel message. Many Christian’s also prefer variations of that perspective because they feel it somehow puts them above other people in Gods eye’s which is of course “dead wrong”, many non-Christian people want nothing to do with “it” or them for much the same reason!

My favorite saying related to this topic is,

We’re not saved BY works, But instead FOR works!

Love is always a choice! Serving the Lord is my greatest joy! Living a God honoring life is something I attempt to do out of my own freewill because of my love for God and other people, in response to a love that was first shown to me! It’s not out of any sense of obligation, my salvation is a done deal! Therefore there’s nothing to “earn” or no ongoing dues that I must pay, I believe that I was blood bought, not blood “pawned”! The only thing I owe is to tell others what Christ has done for me and that is absolutely no problem!  Some of what is preached by “Christians” is intended to stir up guilt and condemnation in people which tends to have the  effect of turning them into unhappy, self righteous, “religious” people!

I’m so not into that…and I can understand why the world isn’t either!

Why? Because it’s a game you’ll never win, forever comparing yourself to others caught in some sort of tail chasing spiral that either falsely puffs you up or brings you down…fun huh?

I’ve heard this preached many times,

“We could double the attendance here in a month, all we’ve got to do is tell people they can do whatever they want and still go to heaven”

Why not say that? It’s a bit of a challenge as I see it!

Go ahead and put that on the sign in front of your church and when the people show up we’ll tell them about the love of Jesus and how He chose to die for all of our sin’s. We’ll show them a little piece of that love in the Christian fellowship we’ll extend to them. We’ll be patient and supportive while the Holy Spirit works in their heart and their walls of resistance are broken down by the great love of Jesus!  And when that time comes and their ready to accept what Christ did on the cross as being for them and recognize it as being the only way to wipe away their sins we’ll pray with them that Jesus would come into their heart and be Lord of their lives! Then, If they’ve truly had a born again experience I think you’d be safe to tell them,

” Go ahead and do whatever you want! Do whatever your new best friend the Holy Spirit will abide!”

Why? Because they’ve been set FREE!

From my perspective either you believe that greater is He that is in me, or that greater is he who’s in the world…That there’s power in the blood of Christ to save us and keep us, and to forgive us, no matter what we’ve done or what we will do, or you don’t! I believe that coming to know Christ is a life changing experience, and even though there are times that we’re all going to fall short of the mark I’d put my faith the power of the Holy Spirit over that of the world anytime!

1 Corinthians 7:22

For he that is called in the Lord, being a servant, is the Lord’s freeman: likewise also he that is called, being free, is Christ’s servant.

I know that some of what I’ve written here could be easily misinterpreted. So just for the record let me state that in no way am I advocating using grace as a license for immorality or sin, neither am I saying that I don’t thoughtfully consider or that I take for granted the great price that Christ paid on the cross for my salvation.  Doctrines of works and of grace can both be taken to flawed extremes.  Personally, I feel as though I want to do my best in this life, to always choose love. But I know that I fail at it and that if it weren’t for the Gods grace I wouldn’t have any hope at all! I believe that because God is all knowing and loves us so much He made it very simple and totally free for us to be saved!

Thank You Father God!


By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

20 replies on “FREE!”

Hi Jeff

As I read this I’m reminded of the story of the new-Christian man who told his former drinking mate that he was now free in Christ to do whatever he desired, so his mate said, “Well then, let’s get drunk this afternoon.”

The Christian said, “No.”

The mate said, “Why not?”

He replied, “Because I have no desire.”

Thanks for this post.


Thanks Roger!

I found this today and wanted to share it !

“Religion is what sinful people try to do for a Holy God, and the Gospel is the Good News of what a Holy God has already done for sinful people”

Roy Gustafson

Yeah, what HE said!

Hey Alton,

Love your thoughts on God’s grace. As a church I think we have been scared to really embrace grace to it’s full potential. We like to set the boundaries that control people (legalism) rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to be people’s guide.

Favorite quote – ” I believe that I was blood bought, not blood “pawned!”

That is good stuff.


Thanks Rennie, (if that is your real name)

At times it seems as though the world has had more of an effect on the church than vice-versa! Or to put it another way, we get the church/government that we ask for or deserve.

There really does seem to be a lack of spiritual maturity in people (self included) unfortunately that can turn the church into a spiritual daycare center.

I’m trying to follow the spirits leading in my life…that’s all I can do!

“We’re not saved BY works, But instead FOR works!” — I love that. This whole post, actually, but especially that; I’ve met so many people who somehow think that their doing good is getting them to heaven… and don’t understand that if you’re truly serving God, your works will come not as a sort of… penance, but out of love for Him.

It was uplifting to read this. 🙂

After reading all three parts to your story I feel like I am the most fortunate person on earth!! I’ve had my trials and I have my own baggage to tote….but, hats off to you,”Job”, the faith you have is amazing and it’s wonderful you continued to press on as you did!
Thank you for opening my eyes to what I must see. Thank you for sharing. God bless you and your family.


What has encouraged me the most to press on is simply my belief that God must have something great that He wants to do with my life for Satan to form so many weapons against me to try and prevent it!

Thank you for reading and for your kind words!

First: I agree with what you wrote early on in this post, “He wants us to be holy out of our love for Him.” I’ve noticed in my own life as I allow God to have more of me, then I have less room for sin.

Second: Thank you for being the first commenter on the first post of my blog. Such an encouragement and I will be subscribing and supporting your efforts!

Jeff, thanks for commenting on my blog.
Your posts here are so encouraging.
“He made it very simple and totally free…” you wrote. Yes! Grace and Love!
May God continue to make His face shine upon you.

Jeff, Thank you for your comment on my blog

My family is in Missouri as I speak on an annual fishing trip near Branson. About the 30th year, my Dad sponsors. I’ve missed it the past few years for financial reasons. Just can’t afford to travel there from Colorado. So yes I am very familiar with where you live. And to answer your question about Grand Lake, it is in Oklahoma.

I look forward to reading more of your Blog. But I have had a chance to read some of it and man, you have Been Through IT as well! What awesome faith you have! Where you live sounds pretty neat and I should be so lucky to not pay rent! What Grace! Your perseverance reminds me of this quote. And so does mine…

Jacob, where do you find the strength to carry on in life? “Life is often heavy only because we attempt to carry it,” said Jacob. “But, I do find a strength i the ashes.” “In the ashes?” asked Mr. Gold. “Yes,” said Jacob, with a confirmation that seemed to have traveled a great distance. “You see Mr. Gold, each of us is alone. Each of us is in the great darkness of our ignorance. And, each of us is on a journey. “In the process of our journey, we must bend to build a fire for light, and warmth, and food. “But when our fingers tear at the ground, hoping to find the coals of another’s fire, what we often find are the ashes. “And, in these ashes, which will not give us light or warmth, there may be sadness, but there is also testimony. “Because these ashes tell us that somebody else has been in the night, somebody else has bent to build a fire, and somebody else has carried on. “And that can be enough, sometimes.” – Noah BenShea

Thanks again for your comment and your inspirational Blog. Keep the Faith. Nancy

Nancy, Can’t thank you enough for sharing this with me,

“Life is often heavy only because we attempt to carry it,”

I’ve been told that there are no new problems, they just continue to happen to new people,like you and me!

John 16:33
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Romans 8:37
No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

Dear AltonWoods,

I am encouraged, uplifted, lightened and enlightened by what you have written, again! Thanks for “…minding your own business…”.

Most sincerely,

More good stuff again, I am encouraged by the fact you’re out there somewhere in the middle of The States with a firm handle on the truth.
On the other hand I’m so alarmed by what purports to be Christian teaching in your churches…
“We could double the attendance here in a month, all we’ve got to do is tell people they can do whatever they want and still go to heaven”
Even a muppet wouldn’t misrepresent God’s word so badly, surely.
Look at what we’ve lost. The Church needs to be broken, make that you and me – we need to be heartbroken as we look at what Jesus went through to gain our redemption.
We need to cry – even men – need to cry in sorrow at what our Lord went through for us, and then can we go away and live as we want?
Fair weather “christians” may be in for a few surprises when Christ returns.

Thank you Stephen for the nod of encouragement!

When Pastors use that quote it typically means that they’re getting ready to preach a very scolding “legalistic” sermon and so they start off by criticizing liberal grace based theology and then contrast it with the idea that they’re somehow different and better because they manage to keep some part of the law.

Does that clear it up at all?

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