Down to the river…

river shots001

Hi! Altonwoods here, (not my real name)…And I’ll be your guide today as we go “down to the river” to do whatever it is that people do at the river! Yesterday was the last day of school around here and my daughter has been bugging me to take her. I’ve also been wanting to try out the new camera I bought my wife for mothers day, (awwwww, so sweet of me!) another reason is I wanted to try and get another shot of this plant that I found last year about this time down here!


This is it…It’s like a giant pink honeysuckle that smells amazing! I found out it’s called a Mountain Azalea…So , we went in search of it but we were too late! It had already bloomed. After that we decided to go down and see the big spring that’s kind of back in the woods.

These are pictures from last year but it still looks the same. We parked the car and started walking down the trail, the dirt down there is just amazing, black and moist, the product of hundreds of years of composting, plants and flowers blooming, sun is shining, life is so good! That’s when something happened, my wife Grace (not her real name) slip’s and falls trying to cross a small creek in a very muddy area. I heard her saying that she was going back to the car and a moment later she falls AGAIN! Boni (her real name) and I are over by the spring and I hear her screaming! When we got to her she was laying on the ground, crying, telling me that she thinks that she’s torn her rotator cuff and that she feels like she may pass out from the pain! (she fell backwards and “caught” herself, that’s the way I tore mine)

So, several things go through my mind just then…

1) All week long we’ve been talking about Jesus,healing, doctors, prayer, medicines, Christians, etc…

2) Was I going to have to take her to a hospital?

What happened next went exactly like this.

It’s Boni and me, crouched down next to Grace, listening to her wail, and then my daughter Boni say’s…

“Somebodies gotta do something!”

I knew what I had to do, so I reached down and laid my hand on her arm, and asked for her to be opened to the healing that was promised to us by Christ, and that her pain would go away, then I stood up and watched as she, after just a moment, got up and walked off a distance, I heard her say “Thank You, the pain is gone!” Which I really must admit was a surprise to me in a way. I believe in healing, I just was a little shocked that it could happen like this, all I know is what I saw…

So we just went on with our day, thanking Jesus!

river shots012

Here we are at my favorite swimming hole, we ate sandwiches and chips and we drank root beer! This is the Eleven Point River, most of the water comes from Greer Spring a few miles upstream. It’s a trout stream, the water temp is about 58 degree’s and it takes your breath away when you go in! Here’s a few more pic’s…
river shots011

Beautiful Boni with a ham sandwich in her hand

river shots010

Our heroine, “Grace”

river shots009

And of course, yours truly! signing off from, “Down at the river!”


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