Like sands thru the hourglass,the plot thickens

hello! and welcome to todays installment of “the young and the too late smart” Allow me to pick up the story on thursday the second. Following a wildly succesfull extended run of more than 14,000 miles the time came for me to spend some overdue hometime.As I sat in the dispatch office that morning amusing myself with the spring action of an ink pen,I could’nt help but notice the writing thereon…”your message here” …”hmm,what is my message?” i wondered to myself. We live in a day and time of fierce competition for our minds,hearts,and money,(dare I say souls) all the more reason to be cautious and selective about what we let in.What might’ve worked a couple of years ago,now barely merits half a glance.If you find yourself in the buissness of sales,the best we can hope for is one shot.Whereas, my vain imaginings of being a representative of what i believe to be the ultimate in “life insurance” compell me to take that shot. But wait a minute,is’nt that just wrong on at least some level? liken unto Reducing the sales of a multimillion dollar mansion to a flier stuck on a power pole? this was my conflict.Click back to reality,its later in the day and I enter the great mall of the plains to “kill time” I happened to notice what appeared to be a bill (dollar) of some sort laying on a newspaper stand,I knew that it was a come on for something but was drawn to pick it up and when I saw what it was all my inner conflict fell away.A million dollar bill,which around the edges posed the million dollar question,”will you be going to heaven?” So neat was the presentation,so slickly done the pitch,I really felt as though 1.God had spoken to me 2. he wanted me to go ahead with it…so now i’m in the process of it,Halleluiyah!! this is what I was made for,talk about your purpouse driven life! well, now that we’re all feeling warm and spiritual,let me tell you what happened when I got home that night at one am in the morning. My wife noticed right off that my truck was missing from the driveway…okay, after inquiring further of my eldest stepson I was informed that his half brother “Job” had in fact taken my truck after being told not to,and had wrecked it on a sharp corner a couple of miles from my house,and consequently been taken to the hospital.there’s more to this story,it seems that Job and my wife had recently been having discussions about his life/youth and spiritual choices/directions to which the expected answers were given.can you see the serendipity? after observing the remains of my truck,its obvious he was very lucky to be alive…and by all accounts was shaken up really badly…God, what can I say but I like your style! you’re way of dealing with us all as the perfect father!! thats why I,sing and shout it,tell the world about it…how sweet it is being loved by him…so sweet


By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

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