It could happen to you!

Well,I’ve started a new job as a driver for the traveling tool show! My first trip was to slidell,la. and then I went to Memphis tn to re-load,thats where the trouble started.I ate dinner that night at the wendy’s across the street,spent 4 dollars and some change but I noticed that I had two twenty’s in my wallet.the next morning I went in to the truck stop for coffee and when I saw that it was 1.19 for a cup of bad coffee,I passed.I went to pick up my load and while I was standing on the dock,I was told that someone was outside by my truck,so I walked out there only to be met by a “crack whore” who (among many other things)told me that she wanted to “show me something” and that she”wasn’t trying to date me” I walked out to the truck with her and followed her up into the cab.She got into the bunk where she had to move my Bible before she could sit down…long story short,she told me that she wanted to give me a “free sample” and attempted to take down my pants.I told her that “this wasn’t going to happen” and she asked incredulously “why”? I told her that I was not in the habit of pulling my pants down in front of strange women,that I was a Christian married man,and that I was also a very shy person by nature. After she asked me about twenty questions about my previous marital fidelity history,my extracurricular activities,etc… she asked me for a hug which I gave her and then she left. After I was loaded,I headed for my receiver.I stopped for lunch in Jonesboro Ar. but when I tried to pay,I had no money in my wallet! so I payed w/ my credit card.about an hour later I looked in my wallet and realized that I was missing my capital one credit card,so I called my wife and had her cancel it.The next day,I was waiting for a load to take out and was having lunch at a company provided luncheon sitting next to the head of human resources who said that she needed a copy of my recently renewed d/license.I took out my wallet and guess what,no d/l…so we started the process of trying to figure out my next move to get my d/l back because I can’t drive a load without it on me.eventually after many phone calls I found out that In could go to the grand view d/l place and get a copy for twenty five dollars if i had my ss card or birth cert. which I had (ss card) so, I borrowed twenty five dollars and took off for grand view where it was jam packed because it was the last day of the month to get tags,(yay!) as I was standing in line,I heard my name called and a lady gives me a phone number and says to call it because its an”emergency”. I call the number and its my dispatcher telling me that I had no permission to be driving their truck and that I was five minutes from having the cops called on me.also telling me that I should stay there and wait for them to come and get me.So I did,they took me back to the terminal and left me there with instructions to my “chauffeur” to take the truck key’s with him.Arrangements had been made by my dispatcher for me to catch a ride with another driver to “Joplin”,apparently she thought I lived in Joplin,I don’t know what they did with all of the paper work i filled out telling them where I live,my phone numbers etc…so I spent the night in my truck(the driver took one of the keys but left me one…sneaky!) and now here I am in a library trying to tell this absurd story.All of these events happened against the backdrop of me not having smoked a cigarette for about 10-11 weeks (nice) you should try it! I think that the devils out to get me,how about you? but its only made me want to resist more,its actually ticked me off! what’ll happen next? stay tuned for the next episode of “adventures in spiritual warfare


By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

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