I want to tell you…

about all 0f the exciting things that have happened to me in the past couple of weeks, if you read my previous post then you have some idea of what my life is like…by the way,in case you’re wondering the crack whore was’nt the one who stole my stuff,that happened at the truck stop the night before as I slept,someone opened my unlocked door and helped themselves. Since then things have been well, “without incident”, I’ve been to the northeast during the peak of the fall foilage,it seems as if the whole state of vermont just waits for this time of year so that it can strut its stuff.I’m from missouri,so its somewhat unsettling to me why? the whole state is like some kind of postcard picture, i kept looking around for car up on blocks maybe,or just one house one might immeadiatly assume was the home of an alchoholic,or some equally challenged individual,but no such thing is to be found! I did have one rather remarkable experience in the state of New York, I was driving along near Jamestown on hyw 87? on my way out of there after doing four drops. Earlier in the day I had heard that the D.O.T. was setting up in the rest areas inspecting trucks so I was very leery of being inspected and found in violation. I was close to jamestown,it was later in the evening,maybe 8pm,usually they quit inspecting at dark so I thought I was home free…then I saw it,the flashing yellow lights on the roadside sign,”surely this is some kind of construction warning” I thought,but as I drew closer the startled panic of the words “all trucks must enter” settled onto me.I was trapped,nothing I could do…no ramp to pull off of and “fix it” so with cold resignation I pulled off onto the ramp twoard the man waving his flashlight holding hand at me.What else could I do but accept the fact that I was screwed,perhaps my full cooperation and good attitude would as they had so many times before see me thru,I doubted it. “how’re we doing tonight?” “oh,I’m doing fine I guess” “what’re you hauling?” “nothing,I’m empty” “well, have a good evening then” that was the extent of it, I hauled out of there on an adrenaline high that would entice any skydiver,or cause a lion tamer to stare curiously in wonder,not yet ready to dip my chip in the “crock of life” I’d just been handed,it just seemed un-real to me. Why did ‘nt he at least ask to see my log book? thats S.O.P. basic stuff,you look at the driver,gauge his condition,look at his book,and then if all seems right,you send him on,or if,as was the case here,you’re not at all busy,just send him inside anyway for the 3rd degree check,you know,wanted/warrents/unpaid tickets/child support un returned library books,lol really! but he did’nt,so I’m driving down the road thinking, WOW! that could have been a whole weeks salary down the tubes but for some reason which I can’t explain I just walked thru the fire without so much as a mark on me…Does the Lord work in mysterious ways? did he know that if I would have been shut down/fined etc…that it might break my spirit? someday I’d like to ask him.


By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

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