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Summers Almost Gone…

Summers almost gone... magnify

It does seem that way here where I live! It’s much cooler,and we’re actually getting a little rain lately. (signs of fall) What I have noticed this year is that the weather is actually very “normal.” We had some snowfall last winter, more than we usually get around here. The spring was very wet, like spring should be. Summer has been hot yes,but not nearly as hot as it was last year! Now fall comes to call…and because we’ve had an adequate amount of rain the leaves on the tree’s will be more colorful instead of just turning brown and falling off. It’s been a good summer, we had such a great crop of wild blackberries! I wanted to get a chance to share some pic’s of some of the highlights of my summer…so here they are!

them's "bramble's"It's just Mama Elroy's... by myboogers.

This is one of the cobblers I made with those berries! Let me tell you, there’s nothing better than blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream!

this is the preferred method, by myboogers.

can I get an “AMEN!”….

Here’s another home-made treat we enjoyed making this year, home-made applesauce!

first we pick the apples,


Then we cook them! AK000383

this is a food strainer, it saves doing all of the peeling!

AK000384 by myboogers.

then we just feed the cooked apples thru it and SHAZAM! you’ve got applesauce


cool huh? here’s a little “applesauce eater”

AK000378I'm gonna "yuck it up"

here’s another one, maybe a little too much “sauce” on the second one…

Our garden did great, we canned enough green beans and tomatoes to last us all year! here’s a few vegetable pic’s.

some of the first...broccoli

green beans gone WILD!dill weed blossom

And so, as the summer wanes and this blog grows tiresome I’m left in the familiar position of trying to tie it all together. It’s been a great year! Despite being unemployed, serving time in jail, blah,blah, yadda,yadda, you get the picture… My car is still running, (the one my pastor gave me) on the pieces of wire that my friend used to fix it back in (was it June?)

I used a piece of telephone cord to fix it! by myboogers.

No kiddin’, the white one is a piece of phone wire…lol, the other one is what was left of the wire after the squirrels chewed thru it.

Before you go, I want to give a little bit of my personal testimony regarding my situation. I’m very thankful for what the Lord has provided me with. However, I’m most thankful that through all of my circumstances He has shown me what really matters…HIM! I’m thankful that through my “bad luck and troubles” he’s taught me to trust Him, and to have peace in the storms of life! He’s taught me and my wife a great deal about what it means to “live your faith,” and He’s also teaching us what it means to be “empowered” by your faith. It’s my hope that if you’re reading this and you could use some encouragement that you would give God an opportunity to show you how much He loves you!


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