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People who need, People…are the luckiest people…in, the world!
Why is that? I thought that as people our happiness was somehow tied to our sense of independence and self sufficiency.  Certainly it’s true that we all must take responsibility for ourselves and our families, but at what point do we throw up a wall between us and the world full of people we pretend to not need everyday?
At what point do we subconsciously tell ourselves, I’m just afraid to let anyone know how much I need them, I’m afraid that they won’t need me back! I’m afraid they’ll take advantage of my feelings, afraid that somehow it will make me “less of a man” if they know how much I care, afraid that I’ll look like a fool, afraid of what other people might say about me and my inability to explain why I “need” people…and thats a whole lot of fear! who could be behind that? who profit’s from it? maybe it’s the “other” people in the world… They’re quite smug and self assured as they look upon the rest of us who in an attempt to get a need met (love) will sometimes crawl down a few dead end streets.
Is there anything worse than pity? being “pitiful”…perhaps believing that you’re pitiful is! I believe that it takes a whole lot more courage to crawl down a dead end street because the truth is you NEED something you believe is at the end than it does to sit on the sidelines and pity the people who are or perhaps could be wrong about it. I don’t mean pity them for being mistaken about whats at the end of that street,I mean pity them for trying…for having the courage to overcome the fear and crawl if they have to instead of living your life pretending that you’ve “got it covered” when you definitly don’t!
Our enemy the devil is a liar, he’s also a fear monger, he would do the unspeakable things he does to achieve his goal of preventing you from knowing love, which we know as God. Who came to this world as Jesus, who showed his love for us by carrying his cross down a street of people who jeered at him and taunted him, spat on him and cursed him, eventually dying on a tree of shame.
So, why are we the “luckiest people?”
Because we have needs that can only be met thru seeking the need, and thru accepting the gift of our Fathers Love…and luckily, Jesus is waiting at the end of our road, also we’re lucky because he sent the Holy Spirit here to counsel and comfort us as we walk or crawl whichever the case may be.

I need people, because I love people, because my Father loves people, because I love the Father,because he first loved me…I think that makes us all pretty “lucky”…or at least it should, have you accepted “the love”?


By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

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