(I’m), "Gettin Whats Coming"…

(i'm) Gettin' Whats Coming... magnify
I was awakened this morning at around 3 am, partly because of the bone-spurs in my shoulders…but mostly because this blog entry needed to come out. At the end of my last entry I said that “somethings coming”, and so much has happened since then, all of it GOOD! Lets start with my license, I now have IT back because my ex made a few phone calls and poof! (also, props to my step-father) I had made a call to the state last week to try to see if I could negotiate an agreement with them as to my license and come up with an interim amount of support that I could pay. The lady told me that someone would be in touch with me within 48 hours, and they were! I talked with another nice lady (jerry lewis) and she said that my license HAD been re-instated, and so I asked her “don’t we have to come to some terms as to my payment amount?” and she said “no”…It did seem rather curious to me, but they have changed the way they handle these things in Missouri since I last had dealings with them a year or two ago. OKAY…on to the money/job situation, A couple we know at our church who found out that we were having such a financial crisis just GAVE us a check for 250.00! (God Bless Them!) these are’nt “rich” people either mind you, and then, also,the husband just so happens to be considering starting a bussiness and asked me if I would be interested in perhaps working with him…theres more, I had went to talk with my banker last week about my past due bills and he was such a nice guy about everything, he told me about several ways that I could get past this situation I was in, one of the ways was to just pay the interest on my loans, thats about 1000.00 at this point, but where was I gonna get that? Something I’ve learned or noticed about what I perceive to be God and how he works in my life is this…he’s a very “efficent” God, and he waits until several people kind of “line up” in a row, and then he’ll do one thing that blesses ALL of them, know what I mean? It’s really impossible for me to conceive of how He intends to use my circumstances to accomplish His purpouse, but rest assured dear reader…He Shall! He’ll do something that seems to work for me, which in turn is also the answer to someone elses predicament, and etc…In the case of the 1000.00, it just so happens that my step-son (whom I “step-love”) has it on his heart lately to build a house. It was my wife and I’s idea that we should put our property into a trust with him as the acting manager so that just in case we were unable to make the payments he would have the incentive(or at least the option) to help us and in turn help himself as well. When my wife talked with him about the idea he seemed more than willing to help, as it turns out,he’s wanting to find somewhere else to live because of his “woman problems” and so guess what, we do have an extra bedroom…OH, and did I mention that he’s operating a logging bussiness here and that since I’ve got a valid C.D.L. he has a job for me driving his log truck. Are you feelin the urge to praise God yet? boy I sure am! can there be more still? why yes there is…and it’s really juicy, get this, my mother has been very concerned about my circumstances of late, distressed is probably a better word, SO, my step-father (who also “step-loves” me) took it upon himself to contact my ex’s husband and attempt to work out some arrangement as to my back support (it was also his “suggestion” that they release my liscense). He got them to agree to drop about 4000.00 and some change in back medical expenses they were claiming against me IF I would pay off the remaining 7000.00 in actual support I owe. I told him that they had recently taken 4000.00 from me thru my taxes and he said that he and my mother wanted to loan me the rest to get it paid off and that then I could go for a modification that would be more fair to my present circumstances and income. Folks, friends,lurkers,whoever you might be reading this…what I’ve just explained to you is a miracle, you can choose to explain it away in various ways, or perhaps minimize it’s overall importance, if thats what you’re compelled to do, but know this…that it’s no accident you’re where you are in life! Even at this moment you’re here reading this wondering to yourself ” Is he crazy? gee whiz, I’ve got problems too, boy,would I like to feel a little of that “provision of God” in my life,but it sounds too good to be true” well…the great news is that YOU CAN! Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven…and ALL good things will be added unto you! God is our heavenly father, he wants to bless all of us, but right now he’s standing back watching us like my second grade teacher used to do whan she would leave the room…remember that? Back in elementary school the teacher would leave the room for something like copies or whatever…leaving the class with a project to do individually, but then after she was gone for a couple of minutes a few kids would start running around the classroom throwing paste at each other and pulling girls pig-tails (oh,was that fun!) but it never failed…at some point we would look up and there she would be leaning against the doorway with that “grim as death” look on her face…(such disappointment)justice was swift and severe, can you see the similarity to our real life adult situation? We’re all children,onery, rebellious, selfish, self-rightious, children who will ALL get whats coming to us someday…but wait a minute brother Jeff, does it have to be that way? NO, friend…it does’nt, but NOW is the time to put down the paste and quit pulling those pig-tails and take your seat and get on with your work! My goodness, we’ve all had our “fun” and it may have seemed like a hoot to put paste into Sally’s hair but do you remember how badly you felt when she cried? and how she spent the rest of the day trying to get it out? OR, do you remember the paddling you got from the principal…(that was un-pleasant) Our world is speeding toward the very same thing, Are you “gettin whats coming? or rather “who’s coming”? lots of people try to make it more complicated than it is but I won’t. I don’t want anyone to not “get it”, because we’re all gonna “get it”, but when I go for my “spanking” I know which book I want in my pants protecting my back-side! thats right, I think you know the one…

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth...(so help me God)

By altonwoods

I've always loved to write...and since I've discovered blogging it's been my pleasure to share my perspectives and experiences with the whole world!

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