My Wife’s Novel!

Newly released!

The first novel in

The Locket Saga:

When God Turned his Head.

Beautiful Drusilla was in love with Kanter Thorton but to protect him she was forced to marry another man. After years of abuse her husband is poisoned and all eyes are on her as the likely suspect. Only Kanter and a young lawyer named John Adams believe she is innocent.


“Why was life so unfair? What had she done to deserve the way Codman treated her? What had she done to deserve to be charged with murder? What had she done to deserve anything that happened in her life? Where was God in all this?”


You can read the entire first chapter at her  web-site.

Or buy it now!

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Here’s the latest!

Local Author launches Historical Novel:

Alton, Missouri– resident Donna Brown (pen name—Cygnet Brown) will be holding a Book Launch Breakfast hosted by  the A La Carte Cafe here in West Plains on Saturday, August 28, 2010 from 9 AM to 11 AM. Mrs. Brown has written her first book in The Locket Saga called: When God turned His Head, a historical novel set in Colonial Boston in the 1750’s.

Books will be available for purchase at the A La Carte Café on the day of the launch. This is your chance to meet the author and have your book autographed.  Complementary beverages of coffee, tea, water and juice and continental breakfast will be served.

The book signing launch breakfast is a special event. Normally the A La Carte Café is open for lunch Tuesday-Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM. The A La Carte Café motto is ‘Fine Foods Fast’, the healthy alternative to traditional fast foods.  The A La Carte Café uses when possible locally grown produce and meats. Nothing eaten at the A La Carte Café is prepackaged. Everything that is served is freshly made. They like the idea that their teal colored concession van and bistro is set up in what was an EPA closed service station.

“We like what having our bistro here says to the community. It says that we are doing our part to help the community grow on a more local, sustainable level,” says Susan Lumsden co-owner with her husband Jon of the A La Carte Café.

A picture of ‘Cygnet” and Susan Lumsden at the book launch

Our book display board that we made!

For future Book signing Events of Cygnet Brown

go to her website

5 thoughts on “My Wife’s Novel!”

  1. My congratulations to your wife! It feels good to publish a book. I see she used Lulu. I might try them in the future. I went with Publish America; they published it for free but their prices for a paperback book are sky high!

  2. Since you could be aptly described as an “artistic Christian,” Cygnet, I’d like you to invite you to visit and join my small but slowly growing social network, The Artistic Christians’ Network (
    You may also enjoy checking out my original photography, music (specifically, instrumental jazz keyboards), pen and ink portraits, etc. at
    Jeff and I have a very close history with one another. Specifically, his mother (Karen) was married to my father (Don Pettigrew) for a period of time, when I was still in high school.
    Two people can’t get much closer to that. But I think, based on what I’ve seen since discovering and exploring this blog site tonight, that Jeff and I have a lot more in common now than we did back in those days. Thanks be to God for that!

    • I’d be happy to join your social networking group. As you can probably see, I am a self-published author and am always looking for new avenues for exposure. I look forward checking out your links.

  3. Oh Donna can write. I will put her book on my list to purchase.

  4. It would be nice if Cygnet’s book could be offered as an eBook or an audio book. Let me know if you plan to offer it in that form.
    …Mark Pettigrew (

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